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Why choose us?

The Sunfeel Group of Companies has been on the produce market since 1995. Our company is one of the best companies that produce canned fruit and vegetables in Russia. Our price list contains more than 700 product items.

Customers choose Sunfeel

The aim of the brand is to keep all the original flavors and save the nutrients. We make sure every single ingredient is properly selected. Thorough control and high technologies is what really helps us to preserve all the essential vitamins. “The customer is always right” is the motto we live by. We always make sure the customer is happy.

Stores and companies choose Sunfeel

That’s because we bring them nothing but benefits, including flexible prices and stable product range that’s constantly growing. All these things guarantee success. Smart management and reliable team is what give us confidence in helping our company develop. Our clients love it, not to mention that this is something we are proud of.

Food manufacturers choose Sunfeel

We know all about thorough selection when it comes to our products, including the quality control. However, our manufacturers know more! That is why we are more than happy to rely on them when it comes to something so dear to us, namely our brand. Our canned goods are produced at the best factories all over Russia, Europe and Southeast Asia. We have all the required documents and certificates.

Hopefully, you won’t underestimate the benefits of working with us. We’ll be more than happy to welcome you as our lifelong client!